So this is what the inside of Moammer Gadhafi's controversial Bedouin tent looks like! Yesterday afternoon, the tent went up—and then was later taken down—on a Bedford, NY-estate leased by Donald Trump to some Middle East businessmen. WABC 7 reports, "Bedford Town Supervisor Lee Roberts says Gaddafi's son had the tent put back up this afternoon so he could eat and take pictures there." Now Gadhafi's son will have to resort to some Photoshop.

However, the posh town was having none of that and its town attorney Joel Sachs tried to serve the Libyan government's lawyer with a summons to take down the tent. The lawyer refused, so the summons was served to the Trump Organization and the firm that is renting the property. The Journal News adds that Trump Organization EVP Vincent Stellio was the one "who tipped the town to the tent's reappearance." Sachs suspects the Trump Org's cooperation has more to do with that that if the tent wasn't dismantled, "We would commence criminal prosecution. And the only party we could name as a defendant would be the Trump Organization."