Thousands of protesters marched in London as world leaders convene for the Group of 20 conference, where the economic crisis will be the main topic. President Barack Obama met with Prime Minister Gordon Brown before the meeting; the NY Times reports that Obama "denied there is a rift between America and the world on Wednesday and urged leaders of the Group of 20 countries to act in unison to find a way out of the global economic crisis," with the president saying, "Nearly every country engaged here has done a fiscal stimulus. We can only meet this challenge together... I came here to put forward ideas but I also came here to listen, not to lecture. Having said that, we must not miss an opportunity to lead, to confront a crisis that knows no borders.”

As for the protests, four groups marched towards the Bank of London (there was another from the U.S. Embassy), but Londonist tells us they were "blocked in by police in what's apparently called a 'kettle'." Amusingly, it also seems that the police have "kept one group of protestors in front of... a branch of" the Royal Bank of Scotland, the U.K. bank associated with its financial crisis—but not so amusingly, protesters have allegedly broken the bank's windows and broken in. Red smoke bombs are seen, and there's reports of police batons drawing protesters' blood.