The MTA has gifted G train riders bracing themselves for the upcoming five-week partial shutdown this summer a small bandaid, in the form of a free walking transfer to the JMZ trains at Lorimer Street in Brooklyn. This isn't quite as effective as providing a team of Pegasuses to fly everyone over the Pulaski Bridge, but stranded beggars can't be choosers, now can they.

Thanks to some very necessary Hurricane Sandy repair work on the Greenpoint Tube, the MTA's cutting G service between Nassau Ave. and Court Square for five weeks beginning July 28th, which will make getting from Brooklyn to Queens very difficult. And though the new free transfer—which will allow a move from the Broadway G stop to the Lorimer JMZ stop a few blocks away—won't necessarily help you if you're trying to get from North Brooklyn to Midtown in the wee morning hours, it's at least a small concession on the part of the MTA that'll help out commuters sans unlimited MetroCards.

"We realize this vital work is going to be an inconvenience for our customers and we’re happy to provide this service to make it easier for people in those affected neighborhoods,” MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg told the Daily News.

The free transfer situation appears to be temporary for now, and it's unclear what'll happen once the G transforms back into a semi-functional transportation device at the end of the summer.