2006_08_freshairmachine.jpgamNew York follows up their G line sewage-stinky-smell story with this news: The DEP thinks it's close to solving the problem of the mysteriously putrid smell between the Broadway and Flushing stations. Yay! But this is a little scary:

Inspectors found a two-inch pipe protruding in a portion of tracks near the Broadway stop that may have been the culprit. But the pipe, which is now capped, is a mystery itself.

"The pipe is not attached to the sewer line. We don¹t know where it goes or where it comes from," Millner said.

WTF - a random pipe no one has knowledge of is what was making it so awful? Were rats going in there to do or poop? Gah! Anyway, a sewer pipe near the G does not seem to be the origin of the stench, so that theory is out the window. We just hope they get to the bottom of this - on these hot hot hot days, subway smells seep into us - we want to put Vicks VapoRub all over us so we can't smell anything.