2006_08_goodgrief.JPGOr, as in the amNew York cover story, it's G for "Good Grief," but we think it's also G for "Gosh Darn It" or "Godawful" or "Give Me a Freaking Break." The article lists a litany of the sadness that is the G line:

- Only 4 cars
- "Only runs its full route after sunset and on weekends"
- Lots of track work on the weekends, further screwing up service
- Smells like sewage

And a major problem, politicians note, is that the city wants to really ramp up development in Greenpoint, so it would make sense for the MTA to improve service. Well, you see, the MTA is interested in expanding service in Manhattan - 7 line, Second Avenue line... - so G is for "Good Luck." There's been talk of expanding the G's line in Brooklyn, but that's probably all it is - just "talk." What the G line is good for is the G line sprint, though OPTO-ization makes that slightly harder at times.

As always, Save the G is G resource. amNY also lists work issues on other lines - what makes us laugh and cry at the same time is the lack of service below Chambers to South Ferry, because we doubt people in Battery Park City rented those places so they could transfer to the bus.