2006_05_g.jpgWhat's in a name? People are always nosy about the new business opening up near them, but this Sunnyside, Queens story is especially amusing as the detective work basically stems from the restaurant name. A restaurant named "Punto G" is under construction, and neighbors are furious. Because Punto G's translation is "G Spot," and that has people suspicious that a strip club is opening up. The owners claim it'll be a family eatery, but maybe only the Playboy Playmate family would eat at a place called the G Spot. Residents gathered to protest the restaurant yesterday, and one man, Stephan Martin, tells Metro, “This place doesn’t have any windows and the doors are very few. There are less windows now than when it was a factory.” AM New York reports that City Councilman Eric Gioia did a little legwork, finding out the windows are darkened, there's a stage inside, and that the restaurant applied for a cabaret license. If he found pasties and a sign that says "Champagne Room," it would have been a slamdunk protest. An owner claims the restaurant will have dancing but that it will not have topless dancing - he told the Queens Chronicle he originally wanted to call it "Golden Point" but another restaurant had that name. Um, couldn't it have been called "Punto De Oro"? Anyway, Gioia says that he contacted state and city liquor agencies to try to block the business license - the restaurant is across the street from a park frequented by children.