Despite initial resistance from drivers four years ago, taxi cab credit card readers have become quite popular with riders and drivers alike. But some drivers still prefer cash and will illegally try to get you to pay that way, which is why it is important to know your rights as a rider. Because despite what that guy on Reddit says, if the driver didn't tell you the credit card reader was broken you don't just automatically get a free ride. Though it is possible!

The most important thing to know regarding credit cards in cabs is that if a taxi's reader is broken the driver is required to tell you about it before you leave so that you can get another cab if you want to pay with plastic. If they don't tell you though, you should complain to 311 because the driver is violating the Taxi and Limousine Commission's rules and can face a fine up to $300 if found guilty.

But please don't think that drivers are necessarily lying when they say their readers are busted. Turns out they are allowed to have broken readers, albeit briefly. According to a rep from the TLC, cabs are allowed to drive with a broken reader for up to 48 hours, as long as it is properly reported. But if a driver forgets or neglects to tell you that a reader is broken before your ride, that does not mean the fare is waived. According to the TLC, the driver in that case has two options: they can "1) take the passenger to an ATM machine, or 2) if the passenger has no ATM/debit card, he can either let that passenger go, or seek police assistance." And, as that "prosecutor for the TLC" notes on Reddit, "that NEVER happens as the cabbie would much rather ditch you and attempt to scam the next passenger."