Yesterday, Governor Paterson signed a bill that bans texting while driving. Now driver will be prohibited from texting or using electronic devices like iPods and laptops—or else they'll be fined $150; the ban also extends to reading the devices and sending images while the vehicle is moving. Governor Paterson said, "The risks associated with texting while driving are well documented. As we learn more and more about just how dangerous this practice can be, I urge all New Yorkers to drive with caution and get in the habit of putting their cell phones away while driving to protect their own lives and the lives of others." The Elmira-Star Gazette adds, "The new law also includes measures aimed at making teens safer drivers. It requires 30 additional supervised driving hours before new drivers can take a road test and reduces from two to one the number of passengers under 21 allowed in a vehicle with a new driver when a supervising adult is not present." The dangers of texting while driving are the centerpiece of that distressing video from Wales, showing young women in a terrible crash (video after the jump).