Did you read the story of the alleged father-son pimp team working a livery-based "brothel on wheels" and think 'eh, needs more celebrity?' Well, you asked for it. Let's throw a little Mary Kate Olsen and Heath Ledger into the mix.

As the Daily News notes, yesterday was the arraignment for 14 alleged johns accused of using the hooker services provided by Vincent George Jr. and Sr. And of those arraigned was a 40-year-old man named Dale Araten who told investigators he "works as a concierge for an entertainment company." That company? Dualstar, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's entertainment outfit. Oh, and also? Aratan was one of the guards Olsen sent to the apartment of Heath Ledger when he overdosed in 2008. So, there you go.

Beyond celebrity, the fact of Araten's employment doesn't really change the story (he says he was in Florida at the time he allegedly called, anyway). But it does bring a bit of something to it? Also, Heath Ledger died four years ago.

Meanwhile, all the men arraigned yesterday have been released without bail.