2007_12_scaf.jpgA Guyanese woman on her way to a citizenship ceremony was critically injured after a livery cab hit her in downtown Brooklyn. Queens resident Shantta Raghunana had been crossing the street when the car careened into her on Cadman Plaza West.

Raghuana's family was with her during the accident; her daughter said, "The car just came out of nowhere, picked her up and threw her." The car's path ended when it crashed into scaffolding: It had also "careened over a median" - where the Raghuanas were standing - and "ran over a tree." A witness noted that the "scene was pretty intense" and observed a teenage son "had to be restrained by the police."

According to Crash Stat, there are a number of incidents of pedestrians as well as bicyclists being hit by vehicles along Cadman Plaza West. Raghuana is at Bellevue Hospital. It's unclear why driver Robert Khananyev lost control of the 1995 Lincoln. He suffered minor injuries and passed a Breathalyzer test. We're curious to know if he had just gotten off the Brooklyn Bridge - those cars do fly down the street.