2006_09_fungwah2.jpgHere we go: Fung Wah Bus's manager says that Tuesday's crash in Massachusetts that left over 30 people injured was due to the route being unfamiliar to the driver. NY1 reported, "The manager says the bus driver had to take an alternate route due to an accident and did not know the area." What? An exit ramp is an exit ramp - you slow down on them! Though the manager says the driver was trained, Fung Wah did break the rules: The driver was "taken out of service" along with the bus because he didn't speak English and had a false log book - both against the law! The federal Department of Transporstation told the AP, "Speeding is their No. 1 challenge. They need to work to curb their drivers' behavior," but said that Fung Wah had been responsive to DOT concerns in the past.

Senator Charles Schumer, who had said the Chinatown buses need to be regulated more last year, said that Tuesday's crash "was a wake-up call." And did you read the Times article about the other bus company clash - it's Hasidic bus operator smackdown.

Photograph from Slice, whose roving reporter E-Rock takes the Fung Wah for Boston slices