Infamous low-cost Chinatown bus service Fung Wah was set to terrorize roads once again this year, after the Feds shut them down in 2013 for being an "imminent hazard" and likely to cause "serious injury or death." But it seems their duct-taped bus fleet won't be careening up to Boston anytime soon, if ever—the company's owner has informed the city that he's not planning on relaunching the service.

A spokesperson for City Councilwoman Margaret Chin's office told DNAinfo that Fung Wah owner Pei Lin Liang “informed us verbally last month that he wasn’t able to continue the business." Apparently, Fung Wah was having difficulty finding a bus stop to operate out of in Boston, having lost its spot at South Station after the company was shut down by the feds in 2013. Though Fung Wah was offered space elsewhere, it appears they've decided to throw in the towel instead.

Fung Wah, you'll recall, was shuttered after federal investigators found its company posed "an imminently hazardous and potentially deadly risk for its own drivers, passengers and for the motoring public,"—inspectors found that its fleet had serious structural damage, that the company fudged inspection reports, and that management did not perform background or drug tests on its bus drivers before putting them on the road. The government then gave Fung Wah permission to revamp its fleet and relaunch, but alas.

At least we have Bolt Bus.