A funeral was held for 8 year old Amber Sadiq, who died on Monday when a school bus crushed her. Amber's parents were Muslim and Catholic, so the funeral had rituals from both religions; the Daily News pointed out both the reverand and imran recited, "From dust she came and as dust she will return."

The accident also brought many painful memories to a Bronx resident: The Post spoke to Yvette Richards, whose son was killed by an empty bus that was set into motion by four kids who released the parking brake. Richards' lawyer who handled the 1997 case said, "Because a bus is held in place by a simple parking brake, there is never a time when a bus should be parked on a street, period. This was completely avoidable."

And Mayor Bloomberg weighed in about the tragedy: Regarding the 8 year old boy who released the parking brake of the bus that killed Amber, he said, "This was not a child who has a history of taking a gun and going out in the street. This is a child who tragically did something that if it wasn't so tragic you'd describe as a prank... Our prayers have to be with the poor young girl who died... But I don't know what a penalty against an 8-year-old really would mean." Well, the Daily News has an axe to grind with the Administration for Children's Services: Their editorial demands to know why ACS didn't act sooner, after knowing that the 8 year old boy was struggling for 18 months.