2008_10_tcf.jpgYesterday, the funeral for NYPD Lieutenant Michael Pigott, who killed himself a week after issuing a command that led to a man's death by Taser, was held in Islip, Long Island. Hundreds of police officers were on hand to remember the 21-year veteran of the force, who left behind his wife and three children. Rev. Douglas Madlon revealed during the service that Pigott, stripped of his badge and gun, was afraid he wouldn't be a police officer and had said to him, "I'm not a desk person." One fellow cop told Newsday, "It's a horrible, horrible thing. He was a great man. He was a cop's cop." And while there was bitterness from some police officers and even Pigott's own father towards the NYPD, Police Commission Ray Kelly attended the wake over the weekend but not the funeral "out of sensitivity to the family."