Yesterday, the funeral for 11-year-old Briana Ojeda was held in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and a horse-drawn carriage—escorted by police—brought the child's body to the St. Xavier Church. Ojeda died last after suffering an asthma attack at a playground, and her parents have claimed that a police officer not only blocked her mother from driving her to the hospital but also claimed he didn't know CPR (cops are trained in CPR at the police academy) and acted rudely. Ojeda's aunt told NY1, "He could have been a hero, but he chose to be a coward."

The girl's mother had insisted that a police officer was the person who allegedly obstructed her, but the NYPD said the person might not have been a cop...only to later discover it was indeed a police officer from a neighboring precinct, Officer Alfonso Mendez, who interacted with the mother and dying girl.

While one witness says she heard Mendez say he couldn't do CPR while smirking, the Post reports, "Mendez told investigators that when he pulled up, he saw a good Samaritan performing CPR on Briana, who had on an oxygen mask her mother always carried in the car because of her daughter's condition.
Mendez admitted saying he didn't know CPR, but said he escorted the mother and daughter to the hospital with his emergency lights on and sirens roaring. By the time they arrived, it was too late."

A former teacher of the girl's told NY1 that the horse-drawn carriage was meant to be a "celebration for her, instead of something completely filled with sadness and sorrow." And another person remembered Briana as an "angel."