The Indiegogo campaign for Karen Klein, the upstate NY bus monitor who was bullied by some rotten kids in a YouTube video that went viral, closed last night to the sweet tune of $703,873, well over the $5,000 goal creator Max Sidorov set when he started the fund last month.

Klein won't be able to keep all the cash, as Indiegogo takes a small percentage of the donations, with an additional three percent going toward credit card fees. But the campaign, which Sidorov kicked off in an effort to send Klein on a much needed vacation, will undoubtedly still be life-changing.

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Klein reportedly earns about $15,506 from the Athena Middle School in Greece, NY, and will probably be use some of the fund money to retire. Sidorov also hopes to funnel some of Klein's fund's popularity into additional anti-bullying campaigns, including a television series and a non-profit organization for people in need of some good deeds. "Hopefully we can do a lot greater and bigger things stemming from what happened to Karen," he told the Post.

And now that the campaign for Klein has finally come to a close, Klein's supporters can turn their attention to some of Sidorov's other causes—earlier this month, he started an Indiegogo fund for survivors of a massive July 8 flood in Krimsk, Russia, which has raised only $515 of its $5,000 goal thus far.