The Fulton Street Transit Center, the subway hub project announced a year ago, has fallen a year behind schedule - and the MTA is scaling back the project due to budget constraints. The Daily News reports that the "steel-and-glass dome that was to rise to a peak of 110 feet above street level from within the aboveground entrance hall - on Broadway between Fulton and John Sts. - will be significantly smaller," and many of the halls connecting the nine different subway lines will be narrowed (from 40 feet to 29 feet). Some of the problems have been due to longer and more expensive than expected real estate acquisitions, since they need to tunnel around and create new entrances; the MTA is still working with a $750 million budget. The MTA is now saying "the new design is the economically elegant design," which Gothamist thinks is hilarious. Next time we present a lower budget for anything, we'll call it the "economically elegant" way to go. It looks like the transit center will be open in 2008, which means that when you put it through the MTA-time-calculator, think some time in 2009 instead.

One of the highlights of the new Fulton Street Transit Center design is that there will be a lot of natural sunlight. Learn more from the MTA.