A judge has delayed the Fulton Fish Market from moving to the Hunts Point facility in the Bronx because of concerns that the mob might work its way back into facility. In 1995, NYC created law that, as the Post puts it, "set up a restrictive system of bidding and vetting designed to keep mobbed-up wholesalers from extorting payments from the fish-truckers for the timely unloading of their highly perishable goods." For the new market, wholesalers had wanted to do their own unloading, but Laro Service Systems, who had been unloading at the fish market since 1995, filed a lawsuit. The New Fulton Fish Market Cooperative (Cooperative! that sounds so socialist and not mobbed up in anyway!) will file an appeal, as they complain the delay will cost them tens of thousands dollars a week, as they have to maintain an empty Bronx market.

Some interesting background about the FFM history from a comment in an earlier post.