A controversial call at a high school football game between rival teams in Queens yesterday escalated swiftly into a frustrated mooning by one of the volunteer coaches. And it was all over a two-point conversion! Is there anything that compliments high school football more than a little moonshine?

The controversial call came in the final five minutes of the Championship Division game between the Boys and Girls High School and Campus Magnet, in Cambria Heights. Campus Magnet had just scored, taking a 14-6 lead; Boys and Girls High School thought Magnet's running back was stripped during the attempted two-point conversion, but the ref's conferred and ruled he had made it in. Boys and Girls head coach Barry O'Connor and his assistant, Clive Harding, ran onto the field, cursing and yelling at the refs. Both coaches were ejected, and the game was called with nearly four minutes remaining.

But the Campus Magnet fans kept heckling the coaches, and it was all too much for Harding: "His fellow coaches were holding him back and he turned around and pulled down his shorts. All I saw was his big [rear end]," said David Sumter, a Campus Magnet parent. A spokeswoman for the Department of Education said Harding is expected to be fired, but maybe he could try pulling a Foxy Brown.