Should Bob Saget, John Stamos or … that other guy... decide to keep it real by riding the New York City subway, they’ll likely find themselves wondering whatever happened to predictability. That’s right; consider yourselves on notice Danny Tanner, Joey and Uncle Jesse. The Olsen twins are one thing, but our subways are full enough without you and your irreverent hi-jinks, thank you very much. Though we might consider an exception for Stamos if he rode his hog onto the F train. Uncle Jesse was so cool!!!

Dan Provost, an MFA student in Design and Technology at Parsons, was riding the subway when he spotted
the sticker and snapped some photos. “After scouring the internet” he found more photos of the stickers – arranged in a neat stack in someone’s apartment. It would take a deeply cynical world view to suggest that Provost himself is behind the Full House subway ban. Whoever's responsible just needs to get cracking on a far more urgent series of No Gossip Girl stickers. (Hat tip Boing Boing.)