Donald Trump, the talking slice of cheesecake served atop an expensive suit who moonlights as an esteemed Terrorism Whisperer, has come up with a solution to keep America safe from Islamic terrorists. In fact, one might call it a Final Solution of sorts, since it involves requiring Muslim-Americans to register with a database system so they can be "manag[ed]." Sound a little familiar? Hey, the Sudetenland could really use a classy casino!

Indeed, yesterday Trump told NBC News that he "would certainly implement" a system requiring Muslim-Americans to register with a database. “They have to be,” he told a reporter, when asked if Muslims would be forced by law to register. “They have to be.’’

Unsurprisingly, this has drawn some comparisons to, you know, Nazi Germany, considering one of the Third Reich's first attacks on Germany's Jewish population was to force them to register with the government. Once all the Jews were identified, it was pretty easy for the government to, say, keep them out of movie theaters and restaurants, or restrict them from attending schools and universities, or freeze their financial assets, or prohibit them from voting, or round them up and send them off to concentration camps for extermination. Easy peasy!

Trump—whose daughter and grandchildren would not have had fun with Hitler's Nuremberg Laws—shrugged off any comparison to the Third Reich, repeatedly telling reporters, "You tell me," when asked how a Muslim registry would be any different from a Jewish one (answer: it's...not). Trump is now apparently back at the top of GOP polls, overtaking previous frontrunner Ben Carson—who equated Syrian refugees to "a rabid dog running around your neighborhood" this week—and soaring ahead of candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Again, the GOP frontrunners are a man who wants to register and monitor American citizens based on their religion, and a man who likens human beings fleeing terrorism and violence to rabid dogs.

Hillary, do not fuck this up.