We won't need our usual dose of six episodes of Storage Wars and pint of Schweddy Balls to sleep easy tonight: the NYPD collared a subway fare-beater thanks to the assistance of a mechanic. According to the Daily News, police had one cuff on 40-year-old Bolly Camara after they caught him sliding under the turnstile at the 170th Street 4 Train station in the Bronx when he slipped away. Running into the JR Jerome Auto Center, Camara begged 36-year-old mechanic Junior Borgen to remove the cuff with a torch. But instead of aided and abetting Camara, Borgen, an auxiliary cop himself, notified a police van.

"I tried to convince him, hold on I will help you out," Borgen said. "He thought I was going to get a key but that was never in my mind." Camara ran again after spotting the cops but was arrested ten minutes later. It should be noted that Camara did NOT "jump" the turnstile, as the Daily News headline claims, but in fact ducked underneath. For more on this subject, see this month's issue of Cold-Blooded Criminals magazine, in which a survey tells you "What your subway fare-beating style says about your love life."