A Suffolk County deputy sheriff shot an accused fugitive in Queens yesterday morning as a federal task force was taking him into custody. Charles Mitchell, wanted on a felony drug warrant, was being escorted by two officers to a police car in Cambria Heights when he "appeared to tug at the waistband of his droopy pants," sources tell ABC7. Mitchell had not yet been handcuffed, and it's unclear if he was actually armed. According to the Post, the officer who fired the round into Mitchell's lower abdomen is a 13-year veteran of the Suffolk County Sheriff's office and assigned to the US Marshals Violent Felony Task Force. Paramedics took Mitchell, 28, to Jamaica Hospital, where he was in stable condition. (The Post's source says he had jumped parole and was wanted for an attempted murder.) A witness, 62-year-old Patricia Humphrey, tells the Daily News that "the kid had nothing but a McDonald's bag in his hand. The man who did it looked stunned, too."