One of the more uncommon ways to get caught after six years on the lam for violating one's parole? Save a suicidal teenager from drowning and rescue a police officer stuck in the mud. That at least is how 49-year-old Michael Rogers, convicted in 2001 on four counts of child molestation in Georgia, was caught this week in Connecticut. He is currently being held in lieu of a $200,000 bail in Connecticut while Georgia seeks to extradite him.

Two months ago Rogers, then identifying himself as Michael Patrick (his middle name), told the New Haven Register he was jogging around Lake Whitney in Connecticut when he suddenly became a hero:

He said he didn’t feel like jogging Sept. 2, but something pushed him to go. He was on Mather Street near the Farmington Canal Greenway when he was approached by a staff member of the Children’s Center of Hamden, asking him to help a suicidal teen from drowning in Lake Whitney.

He said he was hesitant at first, but when he saw tears in the eyes of the Children’s Center staff member and the girl on the fence, he decided to help. He said he told the girl he wasn’t going to let her die and held her until police arrived.

Moments later, Officer Jay Bunnell responded and both entered the murky water to save the 16-year-old girl, Smith said. Bunnell and Rogers had to balance themselves in water and mud during the nerve-wracking rescue. Police officials said all three could have died.

The girl is still alive and reportedly doing well. While he awaits extradition, Rogers's family is coming to his defense: "A source close to Rogers on Wednesday said she knew for certain that Rogers didn’t molest any children, and that the arrest stems from a family dispute."

Rogers, who was caught after a tip earlier last week, served his time and reportedly never had a reported problem after he was released. Well, until he decided to skip out on Georgia in 2005.