meatpackingapple.jpgThe Apple computer company loves its self-same-named metropolis. Word on the street is that its London store will be eclipsed in size by a new emporium being planned for the Meatpacking District at 401 W 14th St. Because our rendered concept graphic is a bit rough, even for the meatpacking district, we will direct you to AppleInsider, where they've got their polishing down to a science.

"More important, however, is the sheer scope of the proposed store in comparison with Apple's two existing Manhattan-area retail presences -- if not the world. The space will easily outsize both the 21,577 square feet of Apple Store SoHo and the yet-larger 25,000 square feet of the subterranean Fifth Avenue location. Property allotted to the third store will be so large, in fact, that its showrooms alone should dwarf the total area given to either of the present-day Apple stores."

The new store will consume 32,000 square feet of downtown retail space. In a bit of irony, one of Apple's neighbors will be fashion designer Stella McCartney. "This American Life" contributor and Apple pitchman John Hodgman described what it's like to be recognized in public, in an Apple store no less, the other week. We recommend a listen.