An ice cream and frozen ice business owner was killed early this morning when he was fatally pinned underneath a security gate as he opened up his business for work. Police say that Alfredo Thiebaud, 79, had lifted up the metal gate at Delicioso Coco Helado on St. Ann's Avenue in The Bronx around 5:45 a.m. Friday when it rolled back down onto him. News12 adds that it fell onto his neck and head, and he was killed on impact.

Thiebaud and his siblings started selling ices in The Bronx in the early 1960s after immigrating from Honduras. He founded Delicioso Coco Helado in 1978 when he was 39. The News adds: "Delicioso Coco Helado, which has been described as the Ben & Jerry's of the South Bronx, sells more than 1 million cups of coconut, cherry, passion fruit other flavors of ice every summer, mostly through street carts."

Friends and employees said he was always the first person in the building: "He would come in and sweep the floors himself and clean the front of the building," longtime friend Gustavo Cabrera told the News. "He had a lot of employees, but he was always still there working."