2007_01_keefe.jpgWe have one word for this story: SHEESH. The Daily News reports that a WCBS 2 reporter was arrested on Wednesday. While that sounds juicy, it's not quite dramatic. Brendan Keefe was covering a Queens water main break and standing in the middle of the street. Here's their alleged exchange:

"Sir, get out of the street," the officers told Brendan Keefe over a loudspeaker in East Elmhurst, a source said.

"Why don't you get out of your warm, f-----g car instead of saying it over your microphone?" Keefe told the police after walking a block to their marked van, a source said.

Heh. Keefe was charged with "obstructing governmental administration" and issued a desk appearance ticket. WCBS 2 didn't say whether Keefe would fight it.

The WCBS 2 talent bios are pretty extensive: You find out what sign reporters are, what their favorite food is, and what their height is. Keefe's "dream job" is "street reporter for life." Maybe he should cover the police!