2006_07_hasidiccop.jpgThe Post delights in finding Police Academy cadet, Joel Witriol, and devotes a cover story to the NYPD's first Hasidic cop. What's interesting is that Witriol, a 24 year old from Williamsburg who studied at United Talmudical Seminary, became interested in joining the force after being on the NYPD's Auxillary Police Force. Regular citizens (without convictions or arrest records, of course) can patrol their neighborhoods, parade, subway entranges - even do traffic patrol - to be the "eyes and ears" for the police. Witriol will be exempt from holidays and police hairstyle rules with proof from a rabbi. We wonder if the police are more aggressively recruiting in the Hasidic community, given the protest in April, when police arrested a Hasidic man for using a cellphone while driving.

And have you seen The Hebrew Hammer?