We receive a lot of e-mail. Most of these missives are carefully read, discussed at length among the editors, and courteously replied to in a timely fashion—except for the ones that are so bizarre and irrelevant that we're simply afraid to engage the sender. Instead, we'll share them with you. Behold, the eccentric underbelly of the Gothamist inbox:

When we see "cougar" in the subject line of an email, our hearts drift to Cougartown (aka, Friends with beverages). Alas, this is about something else entirely:

I saw a cougar crossing 95 n.b. near mystic aquarium today I actually thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, until the driver next to me and we were both amazed

We meant to post about this earlier but this seems a good a time as any: DO NOT take the brown "bath salts." That stuff gives you weird hallucinations, as if a cougar would walk thousands of miles from its natural habitat to freak out people in Connecticut.

Another reader has a hot legal tip for Dominique Strauss-Kahn's legal team:

Could you please forward this email to DSK or the law firm handling the case for him Just a humble comment that may have not been thought of up to now! We have traveled the Western world for many years and stayed at similar hotels to Sofitel NY where DSK stayed we have never had a made close the door when they entered to clean unless they put a sign out side the door that a made was inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure DSK is an experienced traveler and would not risk starting to have sex with the maid with an open door or with a sign outside that would indicate that the made is inside in which case any hotel worker supervisor could walk in with the hotels key so eighter DSK is a stupid inexperienced traveler or the made agreed to have sex and removed any evidence that she was inside the room. hope this will help. we wish him well and hope that the truth will prevail

Those little signs that hotel guests place on their doorknobs that say "Do Not Disturb," or "Horny Leader Of Global Organization For Macroeconomic Policy Inside" would have gone a long way to preventing this incident. And he ate at McCormick & Schmick's. In New York City. So he couldn't be that well-traveled.

Speaking of traveling, this couple seems to have been around the block a few times:

Hi we went to a club for the first time in Manhattan, but we are looking for a little more dancing and socializing first. Can you tell me what to expect and how people dress at your club? I am attaching a picture of my wife, she will play only and we are looking for a nice dressed gentleman.

Let's look at what everyone's style bible, the New York Times, says about this. If she's in the East Village, she should shoot for “more rock ’n’ roll with punk undertones." If you deign to check out the Meatpacking District, it's "party dress, your five-inch heels, designer bags." In SoHo or NoLita, "anything goes," and if you happen to be in our neighborhood, the Lower East Side, it's all about "a lot of draping fabrics and muted colors." We can show you around: we'll be in the corner of Max Fish wearing beige canvas pantaloons and three muumuus. And hopefully those photos aren't on Flickr.

A suggestion to resolve the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy comes all the way from PhoneHackistan:

I'm a Brit so have no right to interfere but here is my suggestion: Visit ground zero. Very publicly bury a pig. Defiled land may never house a mosque. God Bless America

In Lower Manhattan, we have countless food carts and trucks bellowing smoke from sausages and kebabs and Gay Ice Cream. Rats eat the scraps and then Super Rats eat the rats. We've been defiling this land for a long, long time, and for whatever reason, people still want to build things here. Go figure. But that big, pointless ferris wheel is cute!