The NY Times has a feature about portable potty king, Charles W. Howard, of Call-A-Head. Not only are Howard's aspirations about making sure his potties are at concerts and constructions sites all over the state, he's also looking to make Broad Channel, an island in Queens, a "great seashore community." And while it's an interesting concept and it would be hilarious if there was a Howard's End Inn, Gothamist can't get past the notion of how the Call-A-Head ("We're #1 at Picking Up #2") porta-potties must smell to the neighbors. And on the portable toilet line of thought we happened to watch last night's Late Night with Conan O'Brien repeat, with Andy Richter (Andy!) as guest; Andy mentioned how Playmobil toys were sort of insane, citing this Portable Bathroom with Crew set as evidence. So now Gothamist will be purchasing this as a stocking stuffer for our friends.

Forgotten NY on Broad Channel, which the NY Times says is described as "'a poor man's paradise' - long misty views of the Manhattan skyline, emerald marshes and skies graced by the flight of egrets, oyster catchers and laughing gulls."