Instead of being scrapped after almost 15 years of faithful service, a New York City ambulance on its way to retirement will continue to do good - overseas! The Central Park Medical Unit has been providing free medical care in and around the Park since 1975 is donating the oldest member of its ambulance squad to a hospital in Nigeria.

The ambulance will be shipped, pre-loaded with emergency lights, a siren, and a stretcher amongst other supplies, to the Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences. The Central Park Medical Unit's generous act will add only a third ambulance to Eko University's current fleet of two vehicles that have seen better days (to put that number into perspective, the CPMU currently has FOUR ambulances). The hospital will spring for the cost of shipping.

The Central Park Medical Unit is a not-for-profit organization completely run by over 100 volunteers who are certified or license in emergency medicine. In addition to taking care of everyday New Yorkers in need of medical attention around Central Park, the Unit also provides care for the New York City Marathon and the Goodwill Games. The team treats 2,000 people and transports about 1,200 to various City hospitals - all for no cost. To volunteer, make a donation, or just to learn more, visit www.cpmu.com.