2006_06_pen.jpgYesterday, a couple was stabbed in their apartment by a man who pushed in their door after they opened it. Sol Magzamen and Claire Hernan, who live in a building at West 97th Street, between Columbus and Central Park West, opened their door a little for a man who asked to borrow a pen. Magzamen told the Post he opened the door because he thought it was the neighbor "because they very frequently do this," but instead, the man pushed his way into they apartment, stabbing Hernan in the ribs and arms, then Magzeman in the head. The attacker got away with $300, but ended up puncturing Hernan's lung and Magzeman's skull broke from the force of the stabbing. Residents of the buildings are shocked, saying their building is safe and that Magzeman and Hernan are such nice, helpful people.

It turns out that the man had been asking to borrow a pen from other neighbors earlier in the day, but the building's doorman did not see anyone matching the attacker's description entering the building. Police think the man sneaked in by an underground garage.