2008_09_burrito.jpgThe mystery surrounding the sudden closing of the city's Burritovilles continues with today's NY Times not being able to find many more answers than when we reported their disappearance Thursday. The Times talks to various New Yorkers who lament the restaurant's departure, including one top notch host who had been planning to stop by Burritoville tonight "because we're having guests." As for detractors, the Times looked no further than Gothamist commenters from Thursday's post. The paper does add that a Burritoville rep claims some restaurants should reopen in two weeks and that the chain's closing was news to its employees who showed up to work with no notice that its doors wouldn't open. The blog Supervegan hopes that those employees won't get screwed out of a paycheck as they claim workers did when Veg-City Diner (owned by the founders of Burritoville) also suddenly shut its doors back in 2003.