Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani told a crowd at the Forbes Global CEO Conference that he's going to decide on running for President in 2008 next year. Sigh, this will make Gothamist crazy for the next year, the inclusion of Giuliani as a potential GOP candidate, because we really doubt he'll run at this point yet we'll still have to deal with the stories about him "thinking" about a run. While Giuliani did show unflappable calm and manage to steer the city during September 11, as well as help reduce crime and improve the economy, he was also incredibly divisive. Oh, wait, that does work for some politicians. But having to hear "9/11! 9/11!" during a campaign might be the thing to drive us from television. The other thing is Giuliani's public separation with then wife Donna Hanover - telling your wife you're separating during a press conference is harsh!

Gothamist would pick Giuliani over Pataki, though. Giuliani spoke to the Republican party at the Republican National Convention last year. And, somehow, he was in London during the the July 7 bombings.