Former governor Eliot Spitzer, who denies that he's running for office next year (not matter what the Post says or hopes), is starting a new career: As an educator. According to Politics on the Hudson, he's teaching "a three-hour law and public policy class once a week in the political-science department for the fall semester" at City College of New York. CCNY spokesman Ellis Simon said, "We’re delighted that Eliot Spitzer has become an adjunct member of our facility. His experience as attorney general and as governor of the state of New York gives him a unique and powerful perspective that can only benefit our students."

No, the class is not about ethics—it's about government, economics and philosophy, which Simon called " the end of the day, hopefully, [it] will teach students to think both philosophically and practically about government." Hmm, like whether politicians should engage in dirty tricks, never mind breaking the Mann Act? Spitzer will be paid just shy of $100/hour (that's way less than what Ashley Dupre charged!); earlier this year, his dad donated $25 million to CCNY's School of Architecture.

The Post continues to ponder the idea of Spitzer back in office—and takes the opportunity to ask Dupre's mother what she thinks (and publish a photograph of the hooker's hard-bodied mom). Carolyn Capalbo said, "I really can't blame him, but at the same time, my daughter's having a rough go."