Friends of Ridgewood resident Carolyn Bush, who was allegedly murdered by her roommate on Tuesday night, are raising money on GoFundMe to help her family with funeral costs.

On the fundraiser page, Bush's friend and former roommate Masha Mitkov wrote that all proceeds will be used to "offset the unexpected costs of such a tragedy." Bush was studying for a literary theory degree at the New School when she was killed.

Pamela Jean Tinnen, a childhood friend of Bush's and fellow Ridgewood resident, told Gothamist that Bush was "an amazing person in so many ways." Tinnen said that Bush, who was a writer and poet working towards a literary theory degree "lived to read, she lived for ideas," and planned to get her PhD after completing her undergrad work at the New School.

"She was so delightfully weird and unique, there was nobody like her," Tinnen said. "She was somebody that everybody loved. She was so smart it was almost unnerving, but she was so kind too. She and I would go to thrift stores, she loved beautiful and unique clothing. She loved music. She made the best mix CDs, I have mix CDs that she made me ten years ago that I still listen to. She always wanted to go to readings, to lectures, to do new things and wander the city."

Bush was also the co-founder of East Williamsburg library and literary space Wendy's Subway, a place Tinnen described as "space to work and be with like-minded creative people," and that she called Bush's "whole life."

"She was always actively involved in whatever literary community was around her, whether at Bard or here in New York," Tinnen said.

Tinnen said that Bush and her roommate and alleged killer Render Stetson-Shanahan had been living together for about a year. "She seemed to trust him, which makes this much more horrible," Tinnen said. At his arraignment, Stetson-Shanahan told the court that he was drunk and high and stabbed Bush while she was on the phone.

Bush's friends and family are going to work on compiling her writing and poetry for a posthumous collection, but Tinnen said Bush would be more concerned with Wendy's Subway continuing to grow. Wendy's Subway is holding a vigil for Bush on Sunday at 5 p.m.

"She should be described always as a poet, and a beloved friend," Tinnen said, attempting to sum up Bush. "She had a beautiful soul."