It turns out that friends of Marlen Mustasaev gave him up to police when questioned about the hit-and-run murder of Jessica Martinez. Martinez was hit by Mustasaev's Inifiniti Saturday morning when she was crossing the West Side Highway at West 39th, on her way to the NYPD impound lot at Pier 76. Martinez's relatives say that two of the passengers in the car identified Mustasaev as the driver, although Mustasaev claimed to police that his car had been stolen and he could not be the driver. Mustasaev was not charged with drunk driving, only leaving the scene of a fatal accident, because by the time the police arrested him, he had sobered up. Which makes us wonder if the sentence would be greater for not leaving the scene but being charged with drunk driving (and manslaughter?) or just leaving the scene of a fatal accident (and manslaughter?). Mustasaev was reportedly driving at least 100 MPH, as well.

Here's the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website, which reminds of the start of prom season - there's a reason why kids rent the limos besides being silly. And one person likens going to Pier 76's impound lot to going to hell.