Dibs? No. People, we've talked about this. Yes, we know there has been a lot of snow. Yes, we know that shoveling out your car can take forever and you feel that you've earned the right to put a chair or a garbage pail down in your space. But people, this isn't Boston or Chicago. You leave your spot, you lose your spot. Sorry!

And yet every time we get a heavy snowfall the debate rages on. Today it shows up in the Daily News which looks at Middle Village, Queens, where some drivers are strong believers in the right to claim dibs while others... not so much. "I broke my ass to clean that space," one man told the paper after putting two garbage cans down in a spot he'd dug. "Let them do the same."

Another woman, who declined to give her name for fear of her car being keyed, countered that the practice is "frustrating. They feel they're entitled to the spot. I drive around until I find a spot. Isn't that normal?"

For the record, we did an informal poll last month on the practice and more than half of our sample of 1,127 people say that dibs is never ok. Only 12% of voters feel you can legitimately claim dibs forever while a little less than a quarter think dibs earns you a day of free parking (but no more).