An aspiring police officer was fatally shot in Brooklyn yesterday morning, and his family and friends believe he was murdered by gang members in a case of mistaken identity. Former John Jay student Terrence Mahabir, 22, was shot twice in the chest and police say they have yet to determine a motive. But his friends say Mahabir was mistaken for friend Rolan Angaroo, who tried to pin a gun rap on a member of a Brooklyn gang known as the Outlaws. "My brother's afraid for his life. He never leaves the house anymore. These guys don't care about killing people. If they want you dead, you're dead. They must have got them confused. But they were targeting my brother," said Cadian McDonald, Angaroo's 35-year-old brother.

McDonald told the News that Mahabir was in the basement of his East Flatbush apartment with Angaroo when Angaroo went upstairs for a drink; Outlaw members broke in and mistook Mahabir for him. Hours later after the incident, Angaroo was in court on a gun possession charge. Mahabir's mother believes the mistaken identity story, especially because her son has no criminal record: "He was one of the best boys you will ever find. Because of mistaken identity they shot my son. They took my baby. God gave him to me for 22 wonderful years. Now he is gone," said June Mahabir.

The owner of the Flatbush bakery where Mahabir worked, Bake and Things, was also shocked at the murder: "He was one of the few young men who was doing what he was supposed to do. We're still trying to figure it out. It makes no sense," said Luigi Martino.