What was supposed to be a night of drinking, TV-watching, and "hanging out" turned deadly Friday night for Vinegar Hill resident Marcquel McDuffy, whose buddy allegedly stabbed him to death after a little friendly roughhousing spiraled out of control. "They were drinking together and then he took out a knife and stabbed him," the victim’s brother, Kenneth McDuffy, tells the Daily News. "They had no beef before then." A police source adds, "They were hanging out, joking around." Then, for reasons that remain unclear, McDuffy's "buddy" Keylester Williams allegedly plunged a knife into his neck and chest.

McDuffy, 22, staggered out of his apartment in the Farragut Houses, bleeding from the neck and chest. He made it as far as the stairwell, then collapsed in a pool of his own blood. First responders rushed him to Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center, located just minutes away, but it was too late; he was pronounced D.O.A.

Williams, the suspect, remains at large. (According to his Facebook page he works at Duane Reade.) McDuffy's other brother, Keon White, tells NY1 that his brother had been close friends with the suspect for four years. "They're like best friends, they hang around each other," says White. "They come here, they party and stuff and they do a lot of things together."