Friday Morning's Terrible Subway Commute Was Perfect For People Who Love Crowded Platforms

Dashed Arrow Jake Offenhartz/Gothamist

We were so close to getting through this week without a major morning commute close, and yet so far. On the other hand, if you're a fan of claustrophobic train rides, overly-packed stations, and frustrating delays with little communication, then this was another successful day traversing the subway system.

Police confirmed that a man was fatally struck by an F train at the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue station in Queens around 7:15 a.m. this morning. Understandably, this caused delays on the F train immediately afterwards. Less understandably, it caused massive delays on other lines (including the M, E and R trains) that have lingered and continued to delay and exasperated passengers more than three hours later.

Gothamist's own Jake Offenhartz was one of those passengers delayed as a result: "My rush hour M train did make it into Manhattan this morning, but only barely. We all got dumped out at Essex, apparently due to a struck passenger in Queens, and from there we were directed to find an F train. But then another M train arrived and, feeling adventurous, I got on. Of course, the emergency brake was pulled about five minutes into that ride, causing half the train to tumble backward. Someone either pissed themselves then, or had already pissed themselves prior to the lurch. We sat quietly with that stench for about 10 minutes and then proceeded onward. Love this town!"

(Jake Offenhartz/Gothamist)

As commuters are wont to do, they channeled their frustrations at the MTA on Twitter:

I really do feel for the people behind the NYCT Subway Twitter account whose job it is to spend all day responding to angry existential tweets about the MTA. Here's but a sampling of other subway problems from this morning's commute:

And here's the cherry on top:

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