Whenever I receive an email that begins with the salutation "Happy Friday!" the words invariably echo in my head in the deep, rumbling voice of a sinister incubus as he belches his foul breath into my soul. Perhaps anyone who tried getting to work via the B, D, F, A, C or M lines heard the same voice in their heads this morning, urging them to EXPECT DELAYS after an EARLIER INCIDENT you PATHETIC MORTAL. Were you late for work this morning because of signal problems or body cavities overflowing with demon hell seed? Take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

The MTA tells us a power outage at 6:40 a.m. affected signals at Chambers Street, causing significant delays on the A and C lines. Later in the morning, a sick passenger at Rockefeller Center caused heavy delays and rerouted trains on the B, D, F, and M lines. And while waiting on a packed subway platform, hundreds of terrified commuters were visited by what's being described as a "leather-winged demon of the night," or Abezethibou. No injuries were reported, but no one, not even members of the media, was spared the horrifying sight:

Service was restored around 9 a.m. but with residual delays on all affected lines. It was indeed "the worst commute ever," but at least it's nice to see that one New Yorker's spirit remained unbroken. @yoogol, we salute you: