fly_glasses.jpgListen up! Just because Gothamist is about to be stuck in a two-hour meeting doesn't mean you have to be inside. Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Daffodils, forsythia and magnolias are all in bloom. Today will be oh so nice and slightly warmer than yesterday, with highs around 70. A cold front is bringing rain our way tomorrow. We can expect showers, and possibly thundershowers, off and on for much of Saturday. The rain will be out of here by tomorrow night. Sunday will be a stunningly gorgeous spring day. Next week will be cooler but let's worry that on Monday.

We saw this picture of a housefly with glasses on National Geographic's website this morning. It has nothing to do with the weather we simply found it entertaining. The glasses were cut via "ultrafast laser micro-machining" to fit on the fly's 0.08-inch-wide head. But, shouldn't there be compound lenses in those frames?