Staten Island resident Kara takes the ferry to Manhattan and then hops on the 1 train to her office in the Flatiron. "Every commute thus far has been super pleasant," she emailed. "Until today." Why? Because of this "guy jerking off across from me."

Sadly this is not a sick April Fool's joke. We've blurred the video, but make no mistake: The man's penis was clearly exposed.

This happened around 8:20 a.m. this morning; she told us:

I sat down in a nearly empty train car at South Ferry with my headphones in minding my own business. This guy came in and approached an older woman and said something to her (I couldn't hear because I was listening to music) but she shook her head. He appeared to have his hands in his pockets.

He sat down directly across from me and stared at me until I noticed what he was doing. When I realized, I took the video, and then immediately ran out at the next stop (Rector Street) and got in a different train car. He appeared to still be at it when I left the car. Either no one else notice, or cared enough to do anything about it. I didn't know what to do cause I didn't wanna make a big deal about it to a bunch of strangers, but immediately mentioned it to my coworkers when I got into work and they suggested to send it into you guys.


happens way too often. We wrote a depressingly useful explainer on what to do when you see a subway pervert, but in a nutshell, the steps are: 1) Try to safely take a photograph or video of the suspect (this will help the police by giving them a clear description); 2) report it to the MTA and NYPD through this website; and 3) don't let the friends, associates or the authorities to brush it off and say things like "Oh, he didn't touch you, you can't do anything about it." The NYPD is trying to crack down on these sickos and you should help them by reporting all incidents.

Kara, 23, decided to film the suspect because "I figured maybe if I recorded this bullshit, it would perhaps bring attention to a serious problem that many people witness on the subway daily. It was upsetting and disgusting and I hope no woman, no PERSON, has to deal with this on their morning commute." PREACH.