Does FreshDirect explain its "no tipping" policy to its employees? Because Tessa on Metroblogging recounted getting mugged by her FreshDirect delivery guy last week:

The delivery guy who was a cross between Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Federline told me tipping was optional. I told him I knew. He then said "Where's my tip?"

Aghast. I immediately decided not to tip him. Wrong answer. The guy put his foot in my door and would not let me close it, demanding his tip. I tried to close it, my heart beating faster realizing I'm a single female who lives in a studio with all my neighbors out already for the night. I think by the third time, he realized it too, pushed his way into my apartment and demanded I give him money. I gave him all the cash I had which amounted to only about $10. He left and said, "I meant tipping isn't optional."

Yikes! At least she made it out safe, if freaked out. Of course, Tessa called to complain after the incident, and then called again today, learning that she should have asked the name of the employee before letting him up to deliver the groceries. Perhaps FreshDirect should call/email customers with who their delivery person when they are en route. But this incident brings up another question about opening your door to essential strangers - attack dogs or cats, anyone?

Have you had bad FreshDirect experiences with the delivery people? Or good ones? A FreshDirect employee was stalking customers last year.