2003_9_freshkills.jpgMayor Bloomberg announced the city's plans to turn the closed Fresh Kills landkill into a park. The Times points out that the landfill is "a garbage dump site that is so large it can be seen from space," which is why it's a sensitive and important issue for Staten Islanders...especially Staten Islanders who can vote. Reporter Michel Cooper describes the city's renderings of a Fresh Kills Park as "Monet using Photoshop" or Andrew Wyeth-like. Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro called the announcement was "the final nail in the heart of Dracula," as people have been speculating the dump might reopen since it closed in 2001. The Post says the proposal from Field Operations, the landscape company that won the competition to transform Fresh Kills, includes "bird-nesting island, public roads, boardwalks, soccer and baseball fields, bridle paths and a 5,000-seat stadium.

Of course, all of this is also an effort to keep his approval numbers from slipping any further, although at this point, it'd be in the negative territory...people would just claim ignorance when asked about Mayor Bloomberg.

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