The French are great at food, film, fashion, and opposition to the U.S.'s imperialistic tendencies. What they are not good at is prisons: Another Daring Jailbreak Embarrasses French Government. It sounds very dramatic, near Aix-en-Provence: While the helicopter hovered over the prison, a man was let down on a rope, then used the saw to rip through the netting stretched across the prison courtyard. He then helped the three men, whom officials did not identify, to clamber aboard the helicopter. There was another prison break in Marseille: On March 12, a gang used rocket launchers and heavy weapons to blow open the outer doors of a prison in Fresnes, south of Paris, freeing Antonio Ferrara, an Italian national convicted of armed robbery who had escaped once before. Wow, it's like bad guys are hiring screenwriters to plan the escapes! The French do things with such flair.

The conspiracy theorist in Gothamist wonders if secretly the C.I.A. was bankrolling the escapes in order to embarrass the French. But countries do such a good job of embarrassing themselves already, so, nah, not possible.