phpWryWARPM.jpgIncase you have any respect left for Viacom, prepare to surrender it! Gawker has been investigating the curious case of the missing paychecks over at the network. The site says many are out of luck trying to attain their hard-earned money this holiday season, "Including people MTV got charity money to support. The Knight Foundation, a philanthropic journalism nonprofit, gave MTV $700,000 to 'make possible' a 'Street Team' of 51 'citizen journalists' to cover the 2008 election. We've already heard from three of them. They aren't getting paid!" Welcome to journalism, citizens! But talk about getting Scrooged, some of these folks are out thousands of dollars so far and have noted that checks "got cut later and later as 2008 wore on" even though "contracts stipulated payment every four weeks." Is it time to make more LOLCat picket signs yet?