A freelance photographer has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD, claiming police officers roughed him up and arrested him after he attempted to photograph them conducting a stop-and-frisk search.

The Daily News reported that photographer Angel Zayas was arrested on November 12th, 2012; according to a lawsuit filed by Zayas in Manhattan Federal Court yesterday, Zayas was trying to photograph officers as they stop-and-frisked a Hispanic man at Grand Central Terminal. Zayas says he was unlawfully arrested and harassed, and he is now seeking unspecified damages.

Zayas' complaint claims at least seven similar complaints have been filed against the NYPD, and in August 2012 a freelance photographer for the New York Times was beaten and arrested by NYPD officers while attempting to document a stop-and-frisk search in the Bronx. That photographer, Robert Stolarik, had his press credentials seized but they were later returned; one of Stolarik's arresting officers was charged with falsifying documents related to the photographer's arrest this past August. The NYPD also alleged that Stolarik had violently resisted arrest, but all charges have since been dropped.