Freedom Tower; Photo: NY Times/NBC

The new design for Freedom Tower of the redesigned WTC site was unveiled today. The tower, the product of compromises between architects Daniel Libeskind and David Childs, will be the tallest building in the world with its spire and antennae reaching 1,776 feet. Governor Pataki, during the unveiling of the tower on the Today show, said, "This represents a melding of two very, very talented creative geniuses." Childs said he and Libeskind "a spectacular time working together," adding, "Creative minds have different thoughts about how you do things. I wouldn't want to work with somebody who would just say yes." Right, he wants someone who may or may not have ransacked his offices. The building is expected to be completed in 2008.

The picking a finalist for the WTC Memorial will not happen until next year; the jury is reportedly asking for further tecnical information and even changes. See the finalists at the NY Times' special site on the memorial.

More from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation about the redesigned WTC site and memorial.